Three Tips for Styling Grown Out Hair — at Any Length

COVID-19: no friend of mine, no friend of yours, and certainly not a friend of our hair. With it being difficult to get into our stylists, hair accessories and products are ripe for giving you that extra swagger (or just being able to tolerate your hair and avoid an at home chop job). Here are three hot tips for styling your hair in the age of awkwardly overgrown, including the age old classic “used to be short but now a bit mullety”:


Clips, clips & more clips: Choose a favourite clip and work it. Clips, bobbies and claws work for any hair length. If your fringe is a bit long and in your face, but too short to reach your ear, use a clip to pin it out of your face.

If your hair overall is sad & tired at any length, change up your part. Try a side part and clip heavily on the side with less hair or try one clip on the side with more hair. Split your hair down the middle and add a clip on both sides.

Tie it half back and add a clip to keep the strays in place or to add a bit of interest. Or, criss cross your hair and use clips instead of a hair tie (pictured below). 

Keep pesky layers at bay with the classic ear tuck, secured by a clip.

See our clips  here

Criss Cross Half Back Hair  

Embrace the ponytail: Ponytails aren’t just for exercise; they can be sweet, sophisticated, elegant, fabulously messy or bohemian chic.  Find a ponytail that suits you and spend that extra minute figuring out how to execute it.

Do you want it high? Low? Tight? Loose? Parted? Fractioned? Bunned? If you have short hair, try a half ponytail, a smaller diameter hair tie and a clip to keep the fringe back. If your hair is longer, try a half bun.

If your hair is layered, try french braiding part of your hair into your ponytail to keep the strays at bay. Check out our tutorials here or YouTube has plenty of ideas. Shop hair ties here.


Manipulate your hair with product: We’re tired, we’re home. Let’s call a spade a spade — we are not showering as much as we used to. No judgement here. Greasy hair is easily overcome with dry shampoo or even hairspray in a pinch (the alcohol in the hair spray mops up grease). Grease adds weight to hair, making it hard to style. Just spray, tossle & voila!

We like anything by Kevin Murphy & Oribe — the Gold Lust Dry Shampoo is ace. Amika has a great range of products as well. Angelika Martin, professional stylist, recommends Amika Vandal Volume Powder, pointing out “it give[s] toooons of volume on dry hair for second and third day styling!”

Accessories or not, when you manipulate the texture and feel of your hair, you are better able to style your hair into an outcome you wish.


The name of the game when working towards an overdue haircut is getting your hair to a place where you feel confident and its not a distraction. Accessories and a little extra product will go a long way. 

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