The Story Behind Wallace Jane

Meet Navy Jane & Wallace Carl, the inspiration behind the Wallace Jane range. After Lauren, our founder, returned to her full time gig in finance when Navy Jane was an infant, she found she stopped wearing jewelry because it was just one more thing to remember as she navigated her busy & active lifestyle. Yet, she always had a tired and womp womp hair tie on her wrist. She realized she wanted something that would function as a hair tie and be sophisticated enough to wear as jewelry. 

Like so many, she wanted to feel good, even if she didn't have much time to prep & style. She started looking for additional accessories that would transition from the gym to breakfast, from the boardroom to happy hour and from bed to the park.  She wanted simple hair accessories that would be beautiful in the hair or on the wrist and would allow the wearer to feel great -- even if they didn't have time to prep, or just needed their hair out of their face for a moment or the day. 

Four years, a significant geographic move & another baby later, her search for what was missing in the market led her to create Wallace Jane. Our mission is to help you look and feel beautiful no matter where you go.  


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